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Dogs in Vests science

We're going to demonstrate, through innovative training protocols, the extent to which dogs can learn and communicate.

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SpeakerMiriam Richard

Miriam Richard earned a bachelors degree in kinesiology with a minor in psychology at the University of Texas, Austin. She went on to receive master’s degree in physical therapy from the Texas Woman’s University in Houston. She was then awarded a health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

She has been happily married for twenty-eight years. Miriam is the mother of three kids and three wonderful dogs. She resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In addition to her work and ongoing holistic research, she writes educational and therapeutic songs to pass her knowledge on to others. She enjoys taking on projects wholeheartedly and is falloff passion for helping others. She enjoys taking on projects wholeheartedly and is full of passion for helping others. She recently finished a “Dogumentary” for Dogs in Vests and it is available to watch on YouTube.

You can connect with Miriam and follow her mission on

President Dogs in Vests

Everything has a price - how data and analytics are applied to risk assessments in business technology

Technology and Analytics are Disrupting How Risk is Priced in the Market. All businesses face risk; how can the modern world put a price on those risks to predict success and ensure insurance commensurate with the risk levels of an individual project or business?

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SpeakerAmelia Valz

SVP, Specialty Construction, Arch Insurance Group Inc.

Amelia currently serves as the SVP of Construction Specialty Products for Arch, with direct responsibility for the Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI) line of Business. She is responsible for management and growth of the product as well as maintaining key client and brokerage relationships. Directly before joining Arch in 2020, Amelia spent 2 years at Willis Towers Watson. There she was licensed in all 50 states and held national roles as both the Professional Liability and the Subcontractor Default Placement leader for the WTW Construction Team. Before joining Willis, Amelia started her career by spending 16 years on the carrier side of the industry, with roles at Zurich North America and then XL Catlin. Her specialty was manuscript construction risks, with underwriting and management roles across Subcontractor Default (SDI), Builders Risk, Contractor’s Equipment, Contractor’s Pollution Liability, and Construction Professional Liability.

SVP of Construction Specialty Producets Arch Insurance Group Inc.

If aviation is your calling, now is the best time in history to follow that dream. science

This is all very short notice...but I will present:

I would like to explain to the students how my passion for aviation began as a kid flying with a rancher/neighbor in west Texas. This gave me the bug for aviation, but I really didn't know how to achieve this goal. I'll explain my path that led to my current career at Southwest Airlines.

From here, I'll talk about the career itself and the opportunities that have arisen along the way.

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SpeakerPaul Sudderth

  1. I grew up in Dallas and graduated Jesuit College Prep in 1989, attended college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and returned to Dallas for flight school after graduation.

  2. After flight school, I worked for a short time as a flight instructor before working in corporate aviation. This involved flying private charters and then managing private flight departments. In 1996 I began a management training program at a financial corporation in Dallas while managing the corporation's flight departure.

  3. In 2000, I began my dream career at Southwest Airlines. I worked as a First Officer until 2007, when I upgraded to Captain.

  4. In 2012, I transitioned to work as a Check Airman for Southwest Airlines. This involves giving checkrides and instruction to pilots in our simulators and flying with new First Officers & Captains for their first 25 hours in the actual airplanes.

Captain & Check Airman Southwest Airlines

Software Development and Running the Cloud: Building the World’s Future technology

Do you want to be a wizard? Building software is the closest thing that we have in our world to creating a spell or casting a ward. You can go from a blank screen to an application to sell goods, algorithm to predict user behavior, or anything you can imagine using just your wits alone. Join together with other development wizards to combine your powers to build applications to improve people’s lives through your team’s work.

These applications have to live in the real world somewhere, and so, you must build your “cloud”: hundreds, or thousands, of servers all working in unison to run all the applications your users want to build. The cloud has to understand both the hardware underneath it as well as the Master Control ensuring that everything works together well. This is the basis of a whole world of invention and innovation.

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SpeakerAndrew Goetz

  • Graduated with a BA in Molecular Biology from Princeton University ‘96
  • Worked in Cancer Drug Development for 8 years - basic research and pharmacokinetics
  • Started a software company during the .com boom, some applications still in use
  • Moved into Human Resources Software technology
  • Joined IBM Cloud to lead development and IT teams maintaining the backbone of the Cloud

Senior Manager of Fabric Software Development IBM

What Kind of Engineer Do You Want To Be? engineering

If you want to become an engineer, have you ever thought about what kind of engineer you want to be? Manufacturing Engineer? Industrial Engineer? Quality Engineer? Environmental Engineer? Design Engineer? Safety Engineer? Facilities Engineer?

Where I work, all of these kinds of engineers (and more) work at one place! What do these kinds of engineers do in support of manufacturing the state-of-the-art F-35 Fighter Jet?

Come by and I'll tell you all about it!!

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SpeakerLuke Gilpin

I graduated from SMU with degrees in Geology, Mechanical Engineering, and Geophysics. My first job out of college was a Petroleum Engineer with Mobil Oil Co. as in the New Mexico oil fields. After one year, the oil business crashed and I got laid off. I then took a job in Fort Worth as a Facilities Engineer at Lockheed Martin where the F-16 Fighter Jet was being built. We currently build the F-35 stealth fighter. After a few years, I became an Environmental Engineer cleaning up waste disposal sites at the Lockheed facility. Ten years later, I became a Quality Engineer auditing environmental, safety and health management systems. Ten years after that, I took a job as a Safety Engineer whose job is to reduce risks of employee injuries in a manufacturing plant.

Staff Safety Engineer Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

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Medical Illustration: Draw Human Anatomy medicine

Warning, Gross Anatomy! Do you like science and biology? Do you like gory injuries and broken legs? Do you like drawing and Photoshop? There is a career for you that is little known, exciting, and thriving! A medical illustrator draws many things; mostly the pictures of human anatomy, surgery, and even cells and molecules in textbooks for medical students, hospital patients, and doctors. Most medical illustrators draw traditionally or use Photoshop; some use animation and 3D computer software. Some medical illustrators work for vet schools drawing animals, or create animations for pharmaceutical companies, or some design prosthetics, build VR platforms, invent scientific games, and/or model 3D prints. You can even draw injured anatomy for lawyers. Learn about illustrating medical records for attorneys to help them teach jurors in the courtroom. We are going to show gross pictures and talk about car crashes, explosions, and lawsuits. We will talk about the five medical schools that have masters programs in medical illustration. AND there are bachelor level medical illustration schools too! Recorded Google Meet from 3rd period.


SpeakerAnnie Gough, CMI

What in the world is medical illustration?! Annie Gough (goff) has been a medical illustrator for over 20 years. She started her first medical illustration job in Dallas, working for a law firm. She creates visual summaries of medical records and radiology scans for the lawyers, so that they can teach the case and the complex anatomy to jurors in the courtroom. After living in Texas for five years, Annie moved to Denver, Colorado. She started her own company and still illustrates for lawyers all over the US; drawing traumatic injuries, bad surgeries, and wrongful death summaries like car crashes and explosions. She was pre-med in college, graduating with a BS in biology from Kansas State University. In 2001 Annie received her Masters of Science in medical illustration from the Medical College of Georgia. She loves to promote the unique field of medical illustration to students of all ages. She even wrote a book about her career path (including her job as an autopsy technician) and this fascinating industry, the book is titled Injury Illustrated: How Medical Images Win Legal Cases.

Certified Medical Illustrator owner of ag illustrations

Schizophrenia, Medication, and the Brain medicine

More details to come! A fascinating presentation on Brain Science, effects of medication on the brain, schizophrenia, and other major mental health illnesses.

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SpeakerJoanna Price

Experienced Business Specialist from Johnson & Johnson working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in the therapeutic areas of Mental Health, Urology, Neurology, and Gastroenterology. Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Marketing from Arizona State University.

The Search for New Treatments for Melanoma Skin Cancer medicine

I am a physician-scientist specializing in melanoma skin cancer. As a dermatologist, I treat patients with advanced melanoma. As a scientist, I run a laboratory focused on finding new treatments for skin cancer. In this presentation, I will focus on several important questions: What exactly is cancer? How do we study cancer? How do we find new drugs and treatments for patients? Students will learn how physician-scientists perform biomedical research and translate their findings to bring cutting-edge treatments back to patients.

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SpeakerJennifer Gill, M.D., Ph.D.

-Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center -Principal Investigator of the Gill Laboratory -Dermatologist specializing in the treatment of patients with melanoma and advanced skin cancer -MD/PhD from Washington University School of Medicine -BS Cellular Biology from the University of Georgia

Assistant Professor of Dermatology University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center