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Big Data for Transportation Safety and Mobility engineering

Dr. Poe will discuss how technology is creating big data that transportation engineers are using for improved transportation safety and mobility. Examples of application are enabling automated vehicles to navigate roadways, protecting construction workers along the roadway, and determining how to build out electrical infrastructure to supporting adoption of electric vehicles.

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SpeakerChristopher Poe, Ph.D., P.E.

  • Over 30 years experience in transportation engineering, including academic research and private consulting
  • Licensed professional engineer in Texas
  • Previously Adjunct Professor at University of Texas Arlington and Lecturer at Penn State University
  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University
  • M.E. and B.S. in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University

Director, Product and User Experience Mixon / Hill, Inc.

Cardiac Electrophysiology: Where Engineering and Medicine Intersect to Provide Care for Patients with Heart Rhythm Abnormalities medicine

I will discuss the medical devices (pacemaker, defibrillators, catheters, etc) that we use to care for patients with abnormal heart rhythms and how we perform procedures with these medical devices.

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SpeakerManish Assar, MD

  • BS in Biomedical Engineering Science from Univ of Texas in Austin. Became interested in this because of artificial heart development in the mid 1980s.
  • Medical school at Univ. of California, San Francisco where I first learned of the field of cardiac electrophysiology (EP), specialty of heart rhythm abnormalities.
  • Did internship and residency in internal medicine at UT Southwestern/ Parkland hospital which provided rigorous training and consolidated plans to pursue cardiology.
  • Completed fellowship in Cardiology at Duke University Medical Center, and Cardiac EP fellowships at Duke and Univ. of Western Ontario in Canada.
  • Have been practicing as an interventional cardiac electrophysiologist at Baylor Univ Med Ctr where I head up the division and am involved in patient care and research and the program director for the cardiac EP fellowship. heavily involved in teaching medical students, residents and fellows.

Invasive Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Baylor Scott and White Hospital Baylor Scott and White Health

Introduction to Crypto? technology

Cryptocurrencies are the financial equivalent of the Wild West, evolving, morphing and multiplying at breakneck speed. To help untangle the ‘crypto web’, we’ll be diving into the world of cryptocurrencies, with the goal of forming a clearer picture of what this exciting asset class and technology are all about.

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SpeakerEugene Vainshel

  • I have spent the majority of my career on Wall Street, straddling the line between finance and technology
  • About two years ago, right before the pandemic, our family made the decision to move to Dallas, which we now call home

Eugene Vainshel, CFA

New Media & Live Streaming technology

I never thought that filming banquet videos for the sports teams at Highland Park high school would take me on a path in which I got to work for Texas Christian University athletics, the Dallas Cowboys, and now my own production company. My presentation will cover New Media and live streaming, as well as the journey/current projects I am working on today. Moreover, I will go over the video production and broadcast industry and talk about emerging areas and technologies.

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SpeakerJack McRoberts

• Graduated from Highland Park High School in 2017 and from Texas Christian University in the spring of 2021. • First got involved with video production at HPHS by producing banquet videos for the football, baseball, men’s soccer, and lacrosse teams. • In college, I worked for TCU athletics and the Dallas Cowboys. I specifically managed running replay, video boards, and sponsorship activations at these two organizations. • Founder and creative director at Copano Media Group, based in Dallas, Texas. Copano Media Group specializes in video production, live streaming, and system integration (building studios).

Creative Director Copano Media Group

The Genomic Era of Medicine medicine

This presentation will elucidate the existing and up-and-coming technologies and testing utilized to comprehensively consider patient care. Topics broadly covered will include hereditary cancers, cancer therapies, cardiovascular conditions, infectious disease (this field behind the testing for COVID19), pharmacogenomics and direct-to-consumer testing.


SpeakerMichelle Shiller, DO

*Molecular Genetic Pathologist *Utilize a wide array of testing platforms to diagnose, prognosticate and direct treatment of a multitude of disorders *Utilize predominantly genomic findings to direct therapeutic decision-making from a treatment as well as a preventive perspective *Develop algorithms to ensure every patient gets fair and equal consideration for relevant therapies *Assist with implementing programs to ensure the appropriate surveillance for those with hereditary disorders, particularly hereditary cancer predispositions

Molecular Pathologist PathGroup

The Intersection of Business and Technology technology

We will start with some video of my favorite inventions - First, A powerful speed boat that has been modified so it can get under a low bridge at high tide using Cad Cam for design, a 3D printer for very strong parts, and an ESP8266 and ultrasonic sensor to create a web page. Then an electric Go-Kart built on a lightweight aluminum frame that is way over-powered by two 2000-watt brushless DC motors. But that power is kept in check by an ESP32 that is configured as an access point to provide remote (parental!) speed limitation.

Then we will transition to the wonderful surprise I experienced when I started ‘Business Consulting’ and realized almost every problem or opportunity was directly related to technology. We will discuss some examples - Process control systems for a Foam Rubber Manufacturer; Discount Pricing for Modelo/Corona Beer (Big Data); Drug Development for Johnson and Johnson (Molecules and Human Inertia) and Financial Services Product Pricing for Bank of America (Analytics)

This will be a discussion, not a presentation - so bring your questions!


SpeakerFrank Woolsey

• Grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois; Earned a degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois then joined KPMG as a CPA in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1977. • In the early 1980’s I Transitioned to consulting, moved to Dallas and joined Deloitte Consulting, where I remained until retirement in 2017. I lead our financial services practice, first domestically then globally and in the latter half of my career I invented new techniques for pricing and selling that link our fees to the success of our clients. Throughout my career I introduced a variety of innovations that are still making a significant impact on the success of what has become the largest professional services firm in the world • Our consulting teams provide extraordinary value at the intersection of Business and Technology. We help our clients understand and articulate their problems and opportunities in terms that can be addressed by available and future technologies. And we help technology professionals identify and overcome obstacles to achieve the desired results. • I retired from the business world and now spend full time on my lifelong love - inventing and building things. I learned cad/cam software, 3D printing, microprocessors and electronics and I taught myself to weld - both steel and aluminum! Welding aluminum is probably the hardest thing I have every learned! I still provide some ‘light’ consulting to small, emerging businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Partner, retired Deloitte Consulting