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November 13, 2023

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Engineering, Technology, and Medicine medicine

I have been a practicing Orthopedic Surgeon for almost 20 years. Having a background in engineering has been a tremendous benefit to me and has made me a better physician. Early in my practice, I began doing some consulting with various manufacturers. I have always approached every procedure with the foundation of my surgical training, but always looking at how can we do this more efficiently, predictably, and with less risk to the patient.

Early in my career, I designed some medical products for various companies. This collaborative effort led to further designs (2nd generation products). Ultimately, I started a (very) small company to make my own products.

I have also been blessed to work with other very talented surgeons and engineers and take care of some wonderful patients. Providing team coverage for athletes has been very rewarding as well.

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SpeakerWendy White, MD

Surgery - Burn, Trauma, Acute and Critical Care Surgery UT Southwestern/Parkland

How marketers in the retail industry are leveraging Technology to connect to shoppers in a whole new way technology

Review at a high level what Software as a Service is and how it's transforming the retail industry Why retailers are leveraging technology to: * Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with real-time personalization at every touchpoint * Empower employees and associates with connected data and intelligence * Get to profit faster with automation


SpeakerDavid Chatterton

  • A +25-year career in Sales and Marketing in hi-tech software.
  • The past five years have focused on the retail and consumer goods industry.
  • Deep experience balancing the interests of shareholders, stakeholders, partners, and customers while aligning with organizational business strategy.
  • A strategic thinker known for uniquely connecting the dots in a complex environment and developing and executing transformation plans.
  • Undergraduate from UNLV in Managerial Finance, Financial Services, & Management
  • MBA from Baylor University (sic'em Bears!)
  • Married for the past 25 years and have 3 children (Ava Kate 17, Austin 17 & Dylan 20)

Vice President of Sales Salesforce

Large Format Display Technology technology

Large-format LED displays are the latest trend in audio-video technology. Businesses of all sizes and industries are embracing LEDs. This presentation will cover how LED display technology works, different use cases, and an in-class demonstration/hands-on demo.

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SpeakerJack McRoberts

• Graduated from Highland Park High School in 2017 and from Texas Christian University in the spring of 2021. • I first got involved with broadcasting and AV at HPHS by producing banquet videos for the football, baseball, men’s soccer, and lacrosse teams. • In college, I worked for TCU Athletics and the Dallas Cowboys. I specifically managed running replay, video boards, and sponsorship activations at these two organizations. • Founder and creative director at Copano Media Group, based in Dallas, Texas. Copano Media Group specializes in Audio Video Production and Integration as well as building large format displays.

Creative Director Copano Media Group

Orthodonture with 3D printing and Digital Surgery Planning medicine

Dr. Pollan will present about 3D printing braces, digital surgical planning, and basic orthodontics.

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SpeakerSarah Pollan, DDS, MS

Owner Park Hollow Orthodontics

Texas Instruments - Semiconductor Manufacturing engineering

I will be providing a high level overview of what Semiconductor Manufacturing is and how we are able to create the products that we do. I will also provide a background of Texas Instruments and the products that we have on the market.

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SpeakerSam Delagi

-I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma. -I began my career working as an Equipment Engineer because I enjoy solving problems in a hands on environment. In this role worked with large furnaces and lasers. - I then moved into supervising technicians and managing a team of engineers - I am now on the start up team for the new Factory Texas Instruments is building in Sherman Tx

Semiconductor Manufacturing Manager Texas Instruments

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Digital Media - you have a voice, have something to say technology

Digital Media - you have a voice; have something to say. Ted will speak on alternative media, podcasts, live streaming, video editing, and being a producer.

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SpeakerTed Price