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November 13, 2023

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Entrepreneurship in the High Tech World technology

I will discuss what drives entrepreuneurship in technolgy


Speakersiraj ElAhmadi

Siraj Nour ElAhmadi

Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur, CEO & Board Member

Experienced executive with a proven track record of initiating several technology start-ups to design and mass-produce award-winning technology products and solutions for the telecommunications industry. Strength in anticipating and mapping future market requirements against multi-facet, new technologies, and inventing new differentiated products. A consummate entrepreneur is passionate about introducing new technologies & products with unique, differentiated value propositions. Experience in Integrated Circuits, lasers, and complex electro-optic systems design.

Founder, CEO Menara Networks

The Genomic Era of Medicine medicine

This presentation will elucidate the existing and up-and-coming technologies and testing utilized to comprehensively consider patient care. Topics broadly covered will include hereditary cancers, cancer therapies, cardiovascular conditions, infectious disease (this field behind the testing for COVID19), pharmacogenomics and direct-to-consumer testing.

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SpeakerMichelle Shiller, DO

*Molecular Genetic Pathologist *Utilize a wide array of testing platforms to diagnose, prognosticate and direct treatment of a multitude of disorders *Utilize predominantly genomic findings to direct therapeutic decision-making from a treatment as well as a preventive perspective *Develop algorithms to ensure every patient gets fair and equal consideration for relevant therapies *Assist with implementing programs to ensure the appropriate surveillance for those with hereditary disorders, particularly hereditary cancer predispositions

Molecular Pathologist PathGroup

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Dogs in Vests science

The science of scent and how Psychology, Biology, and Chemistry are used when training medical alert service dogs.

Miriam richard headshot

SpeakerMiriam Richard

Miriam Richard earned a bachelors degree in kinesiology with a minor in psychology at the University of Texas, Austin. She went on to receive master’s degree in physical therapy from the Texas Woman’s University in Houston. She was then awarded a health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

She has been happily married for twenty-nine years. Miriam is the mother of three kids and three wonderful dogs. She resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. In addition to her work and ongoing holistic research, she writes educational and therapeutic songs to pass her knowledge on to others. She enjoys taking on projects wholeheartedly and is full of passion for helping others. She recently finished a Documentary, Dogs in Vests and it is available to watch on YouTube.

You can connect with Miriam and follow her mission on

President Dogs in Vests

Hand Surgery medicine

Hand surgery is one of many surgical subspecialties. It is a very fascinating and challenging field of medicine. Medicine is much more than a science. Medicine is a trans-disciplinary field that operates at the intersection of many different fields of study. Most doctors cannot do their jobs successfully without the help and cooperation of many other fields of medicine, technology, and research. The lecture will discuss those other areas of science and technology needed to successfully treat patients. The lecture will also inform students on the education needed to become a physician, specifically one in a surgical subspecialty, and explore the many facets of the day in a life of an orthopedic hand surgeon.

Knoll headshot

SpeakerVictoria Knoll, MD

Dr. Knoll is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand and wrist surgery.

  • Oklahoma State University: bachelor’s degree in mathematics
  • University of Kansas School of Medicine: doctor of medicine
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas: surgical internship and orthopedic residency
  • University of Washington School of Medicine: fellowship in hand and microvascular surgery
  • Voted Best Doctor in D Magazine both Collin and Dallas County by her peers for multiple years

Dr. Knoll lives in University Park with her husband, two daughters, and dog. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, watching basketball, jogging, and snow skiing.

MD OrthoTexas

History of Robotic Surgery medicine

Discuss applications of robotics in surgery, the history of robotic surgery, and future of robotics in surgery and medicine. See the daVinci Robot Surgery Up Close and Live.


Davis business attire %282%29

SpeakerDaniel Davis, DO, FACS, FASMBS, DABS, FPMBS

Dr Daniel Davis is Chief of Bariatric Surgery for Baylor University Medical Center and Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery for Texas A & M College of Medicine. Dr Davis is on the general surgery faculty at Baylor University Medical Center Dallas responsible for training the next generation of surgeons and supervises the surgical clerkship of the medical students from Texas A & M College of Medicine. Dr Davis specializes in gastrointestinal surgery and weight loss surgery utilizing a minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic surgical approach. Dr Davis resides with his wife and 3 children in the Park Cities.

Chief of Bariatric Surgery Baylor

Journey not Destination and Shooting with Intention technology

Journey not Destination and Shooting with Intention in Large image Digital Photography.

Waiting hours for a car to move out of the frame, the sun to hit in THE perfect spot or the shadow to crawl to its optimal …giving the subject the time, space and beauty it so rightly deserves. After traveling thousands of miles of backroads, desolate places, small towns and heart pulsating metropolises, I use natural light and patience to create a collection of art for for you to bring into your home, office, restaurant or any other rad area.

Jarrod portraits 1 231548 b 2

SpeakerJarrod Oram

Jarrod Oram is a fine art photographer with work in design firms, showrooms and galleries, hospitality groups, commercial buildings, and private collections throughout the United States.

Before launching his photography business in 2021, he trained his eye in visual storytelling, living the film/ad agency/corporate creative life...doing everthing from supplying baby blue mink coats for hip-hop videos to producing tv commercials for the Oscars.

His images are a reflection of how he views the world through unmasked technicolor glasses. He searches for the beauty in the forgotten & abandoned, capturing the grace in the flaws and cracks & allowing the breadth of the world to shine through.

His work is based on journey and not destination.

Owner of Jarrod Oram Photography

Large Format Display Technology technology

Large-format LED displays are the latest trend in audio-video technology. Businesses of all sizes and industries are embracing LEDs. This presentation will cover how LED display technology works, different use cases, and an in-class demonstration/hands-on demo.

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SpeakerJack McRoberts

• Graduated from Highland Park High School in 2017 and from Texas Christian University in the spring of 2021. • I first got involved with broadcasting and AV at HPHS by producing banquet videos for the football, baseball, men’s soccer, and lacrosse teams. • In college, I worked for TCU Athletics and the Dallas Cowboys. I specifically managed running replay, video boards, and sponsorship activations at these two organizations. • Founder and creative director at Copano Media Group, based in Dallas, Texas. Copano Media Group specializes in Audio Video Production and Integration as well as building large format displays.

Creative Director Copano Media Group

Life is an Adventure - Be Ready For It technology

Technology will be front and center the rest of your life. Find what you are good at. Push yourself. Evolve throughout your career.

Taulbee  scott   headshot

SpeakerScott Taulbee

  • Responsible for AT&T platform architecture in the Global Operation and Services organization
  • Personal mission is to bridge organizations within AT&T and drive value for our customers
  • BS Electrical Engineering (Va Tech)
  • MMath in Computer Science (University of Waterloo)
  • Executive MBA (Emory University)

Director - Technology AT&T

So you want to be a doctor? medicine

This presentation will focus on all the different opportunities there are to have a career in medicine and potentially a role in medical research. First providing a background of how any high school student might first consider a scientific career either from early life experiences or from inspiring teachers and mentors. Next the presentation will include an overview of different ways to create your career in medicine so that you have a balance of inspiring work, but personal fulfillment, including work-life balance. The presentation will also include time for question and answer about different physician models.

Dr jessica moreland photo

Speakerjessie moreland, MD

Physician-scientist for last 25 years Training for med school, residency and fellowship at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Pediatric Critical Care clinical practice at Children's Health/Children's Medical Center Dallas Also long term commitment to laboratory science with focus on understanding the role of a specific white blood cell, the neutrophil, on patient responses during infection and inflammation.

Professor of Pediatrics & Microbiology, Associate Dean for Faculty Development, UTSW Medical Center UTSW

Texas Instruments - Semiconductor Manufacturing engineering

I will be providing a high level overview of what Semiconductor Manufacturing is and how we are able to create the products that we do. I will also provide a background of Texas Instruments and the products that we have on the market.

Personal picture.png

SpeakerSam Delagi

-I have a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma. -I began my career working as an Equipment Engineer because I enjoy solving problems in a hands on environment. In this role worked with large furnaces and lasers. - I then moved into supervising technicians and managing a team of engineers - I am now on the start up team for the new Factory Texas Instruments is building in Sherman Tx

Semiconductor Manufacturing Manager Texas Instruments

Understanding how RNA controls biology and using that understanding to discovery new therapies science

The central dogma of biology is that DNA makes RNA makes protein. We now realize that RNA not only makes protein but can also control many other aspects of how cells survive and deal with their environment. RNA is central to understanding how diseases occur and to how they can be treated. In this talk, I will discuss surprising roles for RNA within cells that affect our basic understanding of how nature operates. I will also discuss how we can convert that basic understanding into the practical steps necessary to bring potential therapies for diseases like cancer and vision loss to patients.

Corey david

SpeakerDavid Corey, Ph.D.

I grew up in Cambridge Massachusetts and went to Harvard University, receiving my BA Chemistry degree in 1985 I received my PhD from the University of California at Berkeley in 1990 in Chemistry I have been a Professor at UT Southwestern since 1992 in the Pharmacology and Biochemistry Departments I am the President of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society (the Scientific Society devoted to the study of RNA/DNA drugs and vaccines) My two daughters went to HPHS, graduating in 2018 and 2020

Professor UT Southwestern

Wanna be on TV?! technology

If being a reporter sounds cool, it is! But be prepared to be a writer, producer, photographer and editor, too. Local news, heck content creation overall, has changed drastically and you've got to be more creative and purposeful than ever.

How do you do that? And what are the tools you might need to get the job done? I'll show you what I use and tell you how to create some incredible stories.


SpeakerSean Giggy

Sean has been honored with three Edward R. Murrow awards, more than 10 Emmys, national Telly awards, and several Texas Associated Press awards.

I was born and raised in Indiana. No surprise, I grew up playing basketball and still love it. My hometown was where I got my start, working as the sports editor for my hometown newspaper. In fact, for the first eight years of my career, I was a sports guy (Wausau, WI and Waco, TX). I transitioned to feature reporting in 2017, and although I miss sports, I love what I’m doing now.

In my current role, I report no the positive, uplifting and sometimes quirky things going on in Dallas-Fort Worth.

For my work, I’ve won multiple awards, including Emmys, Edward R. Murrow Awards, and many others. I was also a three-time winner of the “excessive talking” award on my elementary school report card(my parents won’t be as quick to label this an “award”). I’m a Taurus who likes long walks on the beach (who doesn’t), the outdoors, and a good chick flick occasionally (but, let’s be honest, I watch anything). When I was a wee little lad, I broke more bones and had more injuries than any child should ever endure, albeit due to my own stupidity (or my brother’s). Today, I still enjoy playing sports, singing, traveling and spending time with my wife and family.

Feature Reporter WFAA

What is being a doctor really like? medicine

Many people think they know what it is like to be a doctor from TV or movies. This presentation will be true likeness of my journey to becoming a doctor and how my "typical" day runs and feels. Highlights will include getting into medical school, choosing a specialty and the daily ins and outs of providing care to patients. It will include the good, the rough and the rewarding!!

Img 5222

SpeakerJacque Gouevia, MD

Undergrad - University of Arizona, Biochemistry Degree, 1990-1994 Medical School- AT Still University, 1996-2000 Residency - Internal Medicine St. John Riverview Hospital, Detroit MI - 2000-2003 Fellowship- Infectious Diseases, St. Louis University, St Louis, MO - 2003-2005

Infectious Disease Doctor Baylor Scott and White - Temple