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Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) other

In 2015, the United Nations established an international framework that identified seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs) for governments, corporations, and civil society to collectively achieve by the year 2030. Each SDG was given its own targets and indicators that provided metrics to track and measure progress - or lack thereof - for respective countries.

As we approach the midway point of humanity’s pursuit of these global goals, Matt Tranchin’s presentation will provide an overview of the SDGs and discuss how the pandemic has forced EarthX, an international environmental NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) based in Dallas, to reimagine how it can effectively address the climate crisis and scale its impact.


SpeakerMatt Tranchin

*EarthX Senior Vice President of Impact, leading the development of year-round campaigns, partnerships, and programming that establishes Dallas as a global hub of environmental leadership and advocacy, while also amplifying locally-led initiatives.

*Previously, served in the Obama Administration as the National Service Liaison in the White House Office of Public Engagement, overseeing outreach to non-profits, foundations, and social enterprises.

*President of March For Science, a global science advocacy organization that supports science-informed public policies.

*President of the Island Resilience Partnership, which structures public-private partnerships that accelerate the transition of island nations toward renewable energy and resilient infrastructure.

*President of the Coalition For A New Dallas, an advocacy organization that champions new urbanism public policies to revitalize neighborhoods and the urban core in his hometown.

Senior Vice President of Impact EarthX

From Doctor to Tech Entrepreneur: Leveraging Your Skills to Try Something New technology

In this intriguing presentation, Dr. Rajiv Dahiya recounts his interesting dual career as a physician and tech entrepreneur. Dr. Dahiya will describe his current technology startup, Voterbee: a new social media concept with an app-based platform designed to measure human sentiment by allowing users to ask questions and receive answers in real-time with associated emotional feedback. Specifically, Dr. Dahiya will explain how he and his team utilize data visualization and broad as well as relational data analyses using their own AI algorithms, as they near completion of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) by the first quarter of 2022.


SpeakerRajiv Dahiya

My current technology startup is a new social media concept with an app based platform designed to measure human sentiment by allowing users to ask questions and receive answers in real-time with associated emotional feedback. We utilize data visualization and broad as well as relational data analyses using our own AI algorithms. We anticipate the app to be released in the first quarter of 2022. As a doctor I use my experience in human behavior analyses to help improve social engineering functionalities within our app. I have a background in Radiation Oncology and Internal Medicine and have worked on clinical applications of therapeutic technologies to combat cancer throughout my career. My healthcare background gives me a different perspective by allowing me to incorporate social and physiologic attributes within the technology space. It has certainly enhanced my belief that all new technology should take a person’s psychosocial wellbeing into account. I've been involved with startups in the past including a QR code based photo share app and a health tech startup which allows patients and doctors to find, manage and transact their healthcare needs. We launched it in Haiti and now have over 55% of all the doctors in the country registered on our platform. I have been an active member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) in the past.

CEO Voterbee

Medicine & Molecular Biology: Tales from a Physician-Scientist science

Dr. Hill details the sea of change inundating modern medicine at various levels today: changes in healthcare delivery, economics, biology and technology. While recognizing that the confluence of these myriad changes can seem daunting to the doctors and scientists who face them, Dr. Hill enthusiastically and convincingly attests that no other time in history has been as rife with excitement and opportunity to make the world a better place through science and medicine!


SpeakerJoseph Hill, MD, PhD

  • Cardiologist-scientist whose research focuses on molecular mechanisms of remodeling in the disease-stressed myocardium.
  • Graduated with an MD, PhD from Duke University
  • Pursued postdoctoral scientific training at the Institut Pasteur in Paris
  • Clinical training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.
  • Faculty of the University of Iowa for 5 years
  • Chief of Cardiology and Director of the Harry S. Moss Heart Center, UT Southwestern Medical Center since 2002
  • Research focuses on deciphering mechanisms of structural, functional, and electrical remodeling in heart disease with an eye toward therapeutic intervention.
  • Editor-in-Chief of the #1 cardiovascular journal, Circulation
  • Active clinical practice focusing on general cardiology, hypertension, and heart failure.

Professor of Medicine and Molecular Biology, Chief of Cardiology UT Southwestern Medical Center

Sustainable Aviation technology

Aerospace engineer and innovator Scott Drennan shares his passion for talent and technology in this riveting glimpse into the future of mobility. Mr. Drennan describes current efforts to create a more accessible, sustainable and environmentally friendly aviation market. As part of his presentation, Mr. Drennan examines vehicle propulsion, fuel, and operational concepts being developed in order to reduce the carbon footprint of flight.


SpeakerScott Drennan

  • Passionate About Talent and Technology
  • Aerospace Engineer and Innovator
  • 26+ years at Bell Helicopter
  • Chief R&D Officer for Hyundai Air Mobility
  • Currently Advising & Consulting in the Aviation Field as Drennan Innovation, LLC

CEO & Founder Drennan Innovation

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Big Cosmos, Little Universes science

The universe is big. Really big. Like, mind-numbingly huge. It’s hard to believe that it all started out smaller than a grain of sand. Particle physics–the study of the ultra-small–helps us understand where the universe came from. Join Professor Steve Sekula as he explains how!


SpeakerSteve Sekula, PhD

  • PhD in Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2004.
  • B.S. in Physics, Yale University, 1998.
  • 2012-present: dedicated to the discovery, identification, and study of the Higgs particle which provides for fundamental mass in the universe.
  • 2020-present: co-proponent of a new subatomic particle experiment, ATHENA, to be sited at the forthcoming Electron-Ion Collider in New York.
  • Co-author (with literal rocket scientist Frank Blitzer and theoretical physicist S. James Gates, Jr.) of the book "Reality in the Shadows (or) What the Heck's the Higgs?", an introduction to the sweeping extent of modern particle and astrophysics. This book is for those with a passion for scientific discovery.

Professor of Physics SMU

Building Interactive Experiences Through the Years: From PC to Console to Mobile to VR and Beyond technology

As we move rapidly into the future, it's worth looking back to see how technology evolution has impacted the development of interactive experiences. As a veteran technology developer, Matthew Hooper provides historical context for his many informative and entertaining insights about the “game-changing” societal impact of this tech-industry borne innovation as well as his underlying observation that, to a significant extent, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”: While computer and graphics processing have made great leaps forward, the fundamentals of gameplay, storytelling, and the development process itself still follow the same familiar rules. Mr. Hooper will top off his presentation with a brief discussion of the Metaverse–something that has received considerable attention over the past year.


SpeakerMatthew Hooper

*Matt Hooper has been creating award winning interactive entertainment for over 20 years.
*As lead designer and creative director, he's shipped dozens of software titles representing tens of millions of copies sold across a wide spectrum of platforms, from mobile to PC to the many consoles.
*In the past 7 plus years he's helped Oculus bring a new level of immersion to the world through VR.
*While spending most of his career on gaming, his focus is broadening into areas including enterprise use cases and future of work through AR/VR. * Current focus is realizing the Metaverse

Program Manager Oculus

Business Concepts in Engineering and Related Fields engineering

Mr. John Bray offers an elucidating presentation for students interested in any of a host of far-ranging topics: Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Business, Investment Banking, Architecture, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Green Energy, Growth Strategies, Business Valuation, or Management Consulting.

For students with a dual interest in Business and Engineering, Mr. Bray’s presentation offers a crash course in how these fields are connected to one another, and also highlights several career paths that satisfy both of these interests–as well as many others. Mr. Bray will discuss actual case studies and growth strategies utilized by different types of companies, ranging from start-ups to some of the largest Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental firms in the United States.


SpeakerJohn Bray

*John Bray is an Advisor within Zweig Group’s Mergers & Acquisitions team in Dallas, TX.

*He is responsible for business development, financial analysis, executing market research, and leading client communications with firms of all sizes in the Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental Services industry.

*In addition to his role as Advisor, John is the Office Leader for Zweig Group’s growing Dallas Office.

*John is a regularly featured author in The Zweig Letter newsletter and guest of The Zweig Letter Podcast to discuss topics such as growth strategies, business development, building strong company culture, and other topics.

*He was also a featured speaker at the AIA Aspire Southwest Annual Conference in 2020, and is a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) by the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA).

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor Zweig Group

Cardiac Electrophysiology: Where Engineering and Medicine Intersect to Provide Care for Patients with Heart Rhythm Abnormalities medicine

In this enlightening presentation, Dr. Assar will discuss the medical devices (pacemaker, defibrillators, catheters, etc.) that are used to care for patients with abnormal heart rhythms and will describe the medical procedures made possible by these medical devices.


SpeakerManish Assar, MD

  • BS in Biomedical Engineering Science from Univ of Texas in Austin. Became interested in this because of artificial heart development in the mid 1980s.
  • Medical school at Univ. of California, San Francisco where I first learned of the field of cardiac electrophysiology (EP), specialty of heart rhythm abnormalities.
  • Did internship and residency in internal medicine at UT Southwestern/ Parkland hospital which provided rigorous training and consolidated plans to pursue cardiology.
  • Completed fellowship in Cardiology at Duke University Medical Center, and Cardiac EP fellowships at Duke and Univ. of Western Ontario in Canada.
  • Have been practicing as an interventional cardiac electrophysiologist at Baylor Univ Med Ctr where I head up the division and am involved in patient care and research and the program director for the cardiac EP fellowship. heavily involved in teaching medical students, residents and fellows.

Invasive Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Baylor Scott and White Hospital Baylor Scott and White Health

The Beginning of a New Manufacturing Trend That Will Rule The World engineering

Dr. John Randall explains how the exponential improvement of manufacturing precision over the past several centuries – an evolution that brought amazing improvements in our technology, science, economies, life span, and standard of living – is coming to an end as we reach the quantized nature of matter. In this fascinating presentation, Dr. Randall describes the beginning of a new “exponential” manufacturing trend that achieves atomic precision at the nanoscale by taking a digital approach to fabrication, and then scales up the size of the atomically precise products to achieve complex devices and materials with unprecedented capabilities.


SpeakerJohn Randall, Ph. D.

John N. Randall, CEO of Zyvex Labs, Executive VP of Teliatry, Adjunct Professor at UT Dallas, and Fellow of the AVS, IEEE, and Micro Nano Engineering Society.

  • I am a card carrying Nano-Nerd with a PhD from the University of Houston, 39 years of Industrial experience in Micro- and Nano- Fabrication., making really small things, and 34 US patents
  • I have worked for MIT's Lincoln Laboratory (4 years), Texas Instruments (15 years with 2 years in Belgium), and Zyvex as CTO, VP, Pres, CEO (20 years)
  • I joined Zyvex Labs in March of 2001, and have a plot to rule the world with Atom by Atom Manufacturing and is working to heal the blind (Human Trials ongoing in Europe now)
  • I have 119 articles published in refereed journals, more than 50 conference proceedings and other publications with > 4300 citations and 34 issued US Patents with > 900 citations.
  • The Zyvex Labs developed artificial retina NR-600 is now being used to restore sight to the blind in Europe.
  • Teliatry, a Zyvex spin-off has its neuromodulation devices in human clinical trials, rewiring the brain to cure a host of neurological problems.
  • I am addicted to computer programming, robotics, and playing Alto Sax
  • I love my wife and kids

President and CEO Zyvex Labs

The Genomic Era of Medicine: Pathology, Genetic Testing & Gene Therapy medicine

Molecular Genetic Pathologist Dr. Michelle Shiller highlights the existing and up-and-coming technologies used to evaluate comprehensively all of the diagnosis, treatment, and care options available to patients. In this intriguing report about cutting-edge medical treatment, Dr. Shiller provides an overview of the genetic diagnosis and identification of hereditary cancers and cancer therapies, cardiovascular conditions, infectious diseases (such as COVID-19), pharmacogenomics, and direct-to-consumer testing.


SpeakerMichelle Shiller, DO

*Molecular Genetic Pathologist *Utilize a wide array of testing platforms to diagnose, prognosticate and direct treatment of a multitude of disorders *Utilize predominantly genomic findings to direct therapeutic decision-making from a treatment as well as a preventive perspective *Develop algorithms to ensure every patient gets fair and equal consideration for relevant therapies *Assist with implementing programs to ensure the appropriate surveillance for those with hereditary disorders, particularly hereditary cancer predispositions

Molecular Pathologist PathGroup