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Art of Non-Conformity

Travel the world using software design to solve business problems in new and creative ways!


SpeakerKatherine Nelson Galke

Education * BA: Finance, TCU * BA: Economics, TCU * Honorary Masters Degree: Entrepreneurship, Chicago Booth

Skills and Capabilities * Marketing * Sales/Business Development * Community/Culture * Technology/Engineering/Project Management * Software Development *Technology Transformation * Communication/Team Building * Operational Improvement/Automation * Accounting/Finance * Enterprise Program Management

Credentials * Facilitator & Implementation Expert in * Agile Project Mamnagement * Agile Software Development * Lean Startup Methodology * Certified ScrumMAster * PMP Certification * ACM Certification * Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT500) * Facilitator & Implementation Expert for Program Management * Certified in Somatic Therapy * Certified as Yoga Therapist * TESOL Teaching Certification

Ms. Nelson Galke's wealth of business experience in the last 18 years has taken her around the world, working in 50 countries, to date.

Strategic Transformation Principal Thoughtworks

Emergency Room Medicine

Learn about the fast-paced field of Emergency Medicine from an ER doctor in your own neighborhood!


SpeakerMatt Bush, MD

Flight Deck Physics and Courtroom Chemistry

Real world ways a non-science major has been required to master math and science from the carrier flight deck to the federal courtroom.


SpeakerEric Roberson

  • Baylor University - B.A. 1986; J.D. 1995
  • United States Navy 1986-1992
    • Bombardier/Navigator on A-6E Intruder carrier borne attack aircraft
    • 148 carrier landing (54 at night) aboard the USS Independence (CV- 62), USS Constellation (CV-64), and USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
    • Veteran of Operation Desert Shield
  • Trial Lawyer - 1995-Current
    • $30 Million dollars in jury verdicts in science based pharmaceutical injury cases

Former Naval Flight Officer/Federal Trade Prosecutor US Navy/Federal Trade Commission

It's Not Too Early to Begin Your Career in Programming

Come hear this HPHS grad talk about how he began programming as a freshman at HP and never stopped. Hear how he has turned this interest into a career that has allowed him to work on various tech projects across multiple industries since his blue and gold days!


SpeakerBlake Copeland

  • HPHS Alumnus; Class of 2012
  • Producer and Programming Lead at GAD Studios in Dallas
  • Started programming as a freshman at HPHS
  • Involved with startups; worked on various tech projects across multiple industries

The Art of Making Art . . . Is State of the Art

This presentation will focus on how "artists" use the scientific aspects of Sound, Lighting, Video, as well as other theatrical devices and technology to create great theatrical productions and live shows.


SpeakerH. Bart McGeehon

  • Designed and Collaborated on the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, Miss America Pageants, Beauty and the Beast, and Always . . Patsy Cline on Broadway
  • Designed over 50 theatrical productions including such children's classics as The Cat in the Hat, The Little Mermaid, Ferdinand the Bull, 1000 Cranes, A Christmas Carol, Goodnight Moon, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Curious George, The Little Prince and Aladdin
  • Designed and Stage Managed in regional, national touring companies & professional theatres all over the US, Canada & abroad
  • Worked and collaborated with some of the nations leading playwrights including Robert Shennken (The Kentucky Cycle) and Arthur Kopit (The Phantom of the Opera)
  • Recently designed the Award winning Uptown Players' production of Hedwig & the Angry Inch and Angels in America

Production Manager AT&T Performing Arts Center

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Careers in Oil & Gas, Offshore Platforms, LNG Plants

I will discuss different types of engineering careers and the highlights of my career in LNG production and debottlenecking offshore platforms around the world.


SpeakerMarie Naklie McCoy

  • Floating liquefied natural gas expert
  • 45 years engineering experience, working in 20+ countries worldwide
  • 28 years with Mobil Oil
  • 17 years consulting in offshore & liquefied natural gas worldwide
  • Married, 2 children

Chemical engineer, offshore platforms and liquefied natural gas Engineering Consultant, Stanford Consulting

Engineers Make the World a Better Place

Engineering is a high-demand, high-paying career that needs people of diverse backgrounds to solve the world's most challenging problems.


SpeakerWanda Gass

  • Electrical Engineer with BS degree from Rice and MS degree from Duke
  • Semiconductor design of chips that are the brains of cell phones, entertainment systems and communication systems.
  • Worked at TI for 32 years and was elected as a Fellow, the highest level of Technical Staff
  • Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), an international professional organization, and responsible for organizing conferences and workshops.

President Design Connect Create

How to Retire at 22

Instead of following a traditional path of becoming a doctor or lawyer, learn Christian's formula for building technology-based lifestyle businesses.


SpeakerChristian Genco

Christian went to college for free at SMU to study computer science and started making cool stuff instead of getting a job after graduating in 2013. His coding projects turned into a small software company that generated enough income for him to functionally retire, so he currently spends time traveling, rock climbing, making stuff, and teaching people (check out his 2011 TEDx talk, "You Should Learn to Program", on his website:

CEO Genco Cocoa Corp.

New Advances in Surgery using the da Vinci Robotic System

New advances in robotic technology have allowed surgeons to perform, and patients to undergo difficult procedures in a minimally invasive way. Students will have an opportunity for a hands on experience with the da Vinci Surgical Robot.


SpeakerRichard Salter, MD

  • Attended Abilene Christian University, graduated 1983
  • Attended Texas Tech University Medical School, graduated 1988
  • Internship and Residency at University of Kentucky, completed 1992
  • Specialized practice in Ob-Gyn in Dallas for 18 years, started Advanced Ob-Gyn Associaites in 2008
  • Main interest is in minimally invasive and advanced gynecologic surgery, utilizing the da Vinci surgical robotic system.

MD, Ob-Gyn Advanced Ob-Gyn Associates

Nurses Who Care for New Babies and Moms

Learn about the career of a post-partem/baby nurse.


SpeakerKris Roberson, R.N.

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

Students attending this session will gain insight into career options in medicine, academic requirements and training timelines to be expected. Dr. Cooper will entertain and enlighten attendees with a review of of his lessons learned since attending HPHS and going on to a 30-year career in the field of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine.


SpeakerDan Cooper, MD

  • Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon
  • Senior Partner - The Carrell Clinic
  • Head Team Physician - Dallas Cowboys Football
  • US Consultant Team Physician - C. F. Real Madrid, La Liga, Spain
  • Head Team Physician - Dallas Stars Hockey 1994-2010
  • HPHS Alumnus

Orthopaedic Surgeon The Carrell Clinic / Dallas Cowboys Football Club

Outbreak: Why You Really Can't Escape

I will describe recent local outbreaks and how it truly "takes a village" to prevent and respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases. Come learn about career options within the public health field.


SpeakerWendy Chung, MD

  • Dallas County Health and Human Services, Chief Epidemiologist
  • Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician
  • BS—Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MS—Harvard School of Public Health
  • MD—University of Texas HSC, San Antonio

Chief Epidemiologist Dallas County Health and Human Services

The Mind of a Champion

The principles of sport psychology can help an athlete perform his best when it matters most. These same principles also help business professionals, students and parents. Confidence is confidence whether you are shooting a free throw, standing over a 3 foot putt, closing a sale or interviewing for college. At the Mind of a Champion, we coach individuals and teams to recognize their thinking, refocus and create routines or habits of the mind. As a business owner, I work with athletes and corporate executives to train the Mind of a Champion and maximize performance.


SpeakerJulie Bell, PhD

  • Sport Psychology
  • PhD in Sport Psychology from The University of Virginia.
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Executive Coaching
  • Entrepreneur
  • Small Business Owner

Founder and President The Mind of a Champion