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Art of Non-Conformity

Travel the world using software design to solve business problems in new and creative ways!


SpeakerKatherine Nelson Galke

Education * BA: Finance, TCU * BA: Economics, TCU * Honorary Masters Degree: Entrepreneurship, Chicago Booth

Skills and Capabilities * Marketing * Sales/Business Development * Community/Culture * Technology/Engineering/Project Management * Software Development *Technology Transformation * Communication/Team Building * Operational Improvement/Automation * Accounting/Finance * Enterprise Program Management

Credentials * Facilitator & Implementation Expert in * Agile Project Mamnagement * Agile Software Development * Lean Startup Methodology * Certified ScrumMAster * PMP Certification * ACM Certification * Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT500) * Facilitator & Implementation Expert for Program Management * Certified in Somatic Therapy * Certified as Yoga Therapist * TESOL Teaching Certification

Ms. Nelson Galke's wealth of business experience in the last 18 years has taken her around the world, working in 50 countries, to date.

Strategic Transformation Principal Thoughtworks

Constructing the Future of DFW

A peek into the world of construction management, as seen through the eyes of a civil engineer.


SpeakerCourtney Kelly

*Six year construction management professional *Attended SMU, obtaining undergraduate degrees in Civil Engineering and Math, and a graduate degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structures *Worked on construction projects for DFW and Love Field Airports, NTTA, and TxDOT *Became a Licensed Professional Engineer in 2016

Civil Engineer Project Manager MCM (Munilla Construction Management)

Deepsea Technology for Oil and Gas

Math and Science behind the latest Technology for Subsea oil and gas production. The Defense and Aero-Space industries assist.


SpeakerJohn Guffey

Various positions as Engineer, President or Country Manager globally in Brazil, Morocco, Vietnam, Netherlands, Indonesia etc etc Personally in charge of large offshore and onshore projects including 16 well platform connection to pre-drilled subsea wells. Fought oil well problems in Alabama, Morocco, Thailand, and dealt with various governments over technical and legal issues. Colorado School of Mines BS degree in Petroleum Engineering, Cornell University M.Eng degree in Geological Sciences

Engineering Geologist & GM Seamag DMS & Seapex Energy

Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas

Woodson will discuss how the digital transformation, specifically machine learning and artificial intelligence, will impact the role of oil and gas professionals in the near future.


SpeakerRyan Woodson

*Bachelor's Degree in Geology from Sam Houston State University, was recruited/hired by Halliburton right out of college *Worked in a variety of roles throughout 11 year career with Halliburton *Roles held: Software testing, product management, consulting services and technical sales. *Active member of several industry related organizations such as AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologist) and PPDM (Professional Petroleum Data Management Association)

Geologist, Digital Transformation & AI Halliburton

Disruptive Technologies in IT - How to make the most of change!

Over the past 5 years, a number of disruptive technologies have been upending the traditional IT space. I will help explain some of these technologies, and how IBM is helping enterprises make the most of disruptive tech. I'll also talk about the varied careers available at a place like IBM.


SpeakerSpencer Knapp

  • For the last 7 years, Spencer has helped Fortune 500 companies understand how, and more importantly why, they should adopt cloud services. He also works with the necessary support and delivery teams to ensure successful delivery of IBM Cloud services to these companies.
  • He is also the Global Lead of IBM's Millennial Corps - an organization dedicated to helping IBM understand how to attract and retain young employees.
  • Spencer holds a BA in Biology from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He is happy to talk about how he used his liberal arts education to move into technology!

Watson & Cloud Platform Client Success Manager IBM

Do you enjoy shopping online?

Learn about how eCommerce websites are developed, careers in the Online Retail industry and technologies including Mobile Commerce Applications and Omnichannel commerce solutions. Application development is not just about coding skills.


SpeakerSilvia Taylor

Three TAISTech Speakers TAISTech is a global implementation and services firm for Digital Commerce, experts in implementing, integrating and maintaining Digital Commerce applications.

Silvia Taylor, Vice President, Digital Commerce Delivery 20 years of experience in Digital Commerce and Online Retail, Product Roadmaps, B2B and B2C Oracle Commerce Implementations, Omni-channel Commerce Solutions, Agile Development, Cross-functional Systems Integration, Strategic Leadership, Oracle ATG Commerce, Oracle Cloud Commerce, Mobile Application Development (Native apps and hybrids).

Michael Graziano, Senior Vice President, Sales & Client Service Over 20 years of experience in technology eCommerce industry, Developing relationships and partnerships with Fortune 500 Companies to help them to deepen and extend their Web technologies. Align client needs with agency services to include Strategy, Website Design, E-Commerce Platforms, Online Marketing, Customer Loyalty, CRM, Online Media Buying, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Hosting and Managed Services.

Darin Burris, Director, User Interface Development 20 years of experience in the User Interface (UI) development field, spending many of those years at such companies as Nokia and Sapient; Responsible for TAISTech’s User Interface Development Practice, helping to ensure TAISTech’s offering is best in class and helping the team grow and reaches new heights.

Vice President, Digital Commerce Technology TAISTech, A Mastek Company

Engineering as a Career Choice

I will describe enginering as a profession and as a basic career building block. Engineers are at the forefront of the technologies of tomorrow. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers thinks these are clean energy, pressure technology, bioengineering, manufacturing, and robotics. I will describe these and discuss the different engineering disciplines you can pick as a career choice.


SpeakerJoe Fowler

*BS, MS, PhD Mechanical Engineering Texas A&M University *Co Founder, President 1984-2016 Stress Engineering Services. Multi discipline consulting firm with 400+ employees *Distinguished Alumni Texas A&M College of Engineering *Board of Governors American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) 100,000+ Members *Former Chair of Board Offshore Technology Conference - 50,000-100,000 attendees run by 12 professional societies

Co Founder Stress Engineering Services Inc

Engineering, Music, and Technology Development

Music and engineering are both creative and technical, exercising both logic and inspiration. Come learn about technology development in industry and academia.


SpeakerScott Douglas, Ph.D.

  • Received the B.S. (with distinction), M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University
  • Teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the Lyle School of Engineering at SMU
  • Has research expertise in audio, adaptive systems, array processing and geolocation, speech enhancement, and machine learning
  • Plays saxophone and piano; sings bass.

Professor, Electrical Engineering Southern Methodist University

New Advances in Surgery using the da Vinci Robotic System

New advances in robotic technology have allowed surgeons to perform, and patients to undergo difficult procedures in a minimally invasive way. Students will have an opportunity for a hands on experience with the da Vinci Surgical Robot.


SpeakerRichard Salter, MD

  • Attended Abilene Christian University, graduated 1983
  • Attended Texas Tech University Medical School, graduated 1988
  • Internship and Residency at University of Kentucky, completed 1992
  • Specialized practice in Ob-Gyn in Dallas for 18 years, started Advanced Ob-Gyn Associaites in 2008
  • Main interest is in minimally invasive and advanced gynecologic surgery, utilizing the da Vinci surgical robotic system.

MD, Ob-Gyn Advanced Ob-Gyn Associates

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine

Students attending this session will gain insight into career options in medicine, academic requirements and training timelines to be expected. Dr. Cooper will entertain and enlighten attendees with a review of of his lessons learned since attending HPHS and going on to a 30-year career in the field of Orthopaedic Sports Medicine.


SpeakerDan Cooper, MD

  • Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon
  • Senior Partner - The Carrell Clinic
  • Head Team Physician - Dallas Cowboys Football
  • US Consultant Team Physician - C. F. Real Madrid, La Liga, Spain
  • Head Team Physician - Dallas Stars Hockey 1994-2010
  • HPHS Alumnus

Orthopedic Surgeon, Dallas Cowboy Team Physician The Carrell Clinic / Dallas Cowboys Football Club

Outbreak: Why You Really Can't Escape

I will describe recent local outbreaks and how it truly "takes a village" to prevent and respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases. Come learn about career options within the public health field.


SpeakerWendy Chung, MD

  • Dallas County Health and Human Services, Chief Epidemiologist
  • Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician
  • BS—Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MS—Harvard School of Public Health
  • MD—University of Texas HSC, San Antonio

Chief Epidemiologist Dallas County Health and Human Services

Solving Challenging Drilling Problems Worldwide

Dr. Suryanarayana will discuss his experience around the world in the design, engineering and implementation of complex UBD projects and critical wells, including High pressure High Temperature, Extended Reach, and Deepwater wells. He has been very active in alternative energy engineering, thermal and geothermal well engineering, reliability-based design and quantitative risk analysis, and quantitative assessment of formation damage.


SpeakerP.V. (Suri) Suryanarayana, Ph.D.

P.V. ‘Suri’ Suryanarayana is a founder and the current Chairman of Blade Energy Partners, a high-end engineering, operations, training and project management company serving the upstream energy industry. Suri has 27 years of professional experience in the energy industry, including an extensive background in tubular mechanics, thermal problems, multiphase flow modeling and probabilistic design (Quantitative Risk Analysis) techniques. He is currently one of the lead instructors for Blade in their Advanced Thermal Well Design and Advanced Casing and Tubing Design courses. He has extensive experience in the design, engineering and implementation of complex UBD projects and critical wells, including High pressure High Temperature, Extended Reach, and Deepwater wells. The underlying theme of his professional career has been solving unique engineering problems and developing new technologies and solutions in the energy industry. Lately, he has been very active in alternative energy engineering, thermal and geothermal well engineering, reliability-based design and quantitative risk analysis, and quantitative assessment of formation damage. Suri is a member of SPE and ASME. He has authored or co-authored over 50 archival papers in the industry. Suri served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer in 2006-07, and received the SPE Regional Drilling Engineering award for the Mid-continent region in 2013. Education credits include a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University.

Chairman of the Board Blade Energy Partners

Technology application: when best isn't always better

Knowing technology is only half the battle. To actually solve problems in the real world you have to be able to find the right solution for the client, not necessarily the best one possible. Additionally learning how to make tech work for you will be helpful in many fields and careers, not just pure tech or even pure STEM ones.


SpeakerFord Wesner

*Information Technology Degree from TCU *Background experience is diverse as far as tech domains and non-tech business practices *Web Developer for a small firm out of college *Switched to freelancing the same type of work after two years, did that for about three years *Was hired full-time two years by a non-IT company to implement their systems, am recently back to freelancing *I most enjoy getting to work with a broad array of different types of clients and making a big impact in what they do

IT Specialist/Web Developer self-employed

The Career of a Physician-Scientist

Medicine is undergoing a sea of change at many levels: changes in healthcare delivery, economics, biology and technology. Whereas these myriad changes we face can be daunting at first, there has never been a more exciting time to make the world a better place through science and medicine!


SpeakerJoseph Hill, MD, PhD

  • Cardiologist-scientist whose research focuses on molecular mechanisms of remodeling in the stressed myocardium.
  • Graduated with an MD, PhD from Duke University
  • Pursued postdoctoral scientific training at the Institut Pasteur in Paris
  • Clinical training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.
  • Faculty of the University of Iowa for 5 years
  • Chief of Cardiology and Director of the Harry S. Moss Heart Center, UT Southwestern Medical Center since 2002
  • Research focuses on deciphering mechanisms of structural, functional, and electrical remodeling in heart disease with an eye toward therapeutic intervention.
  • Editor-in-Chief of the #1 cardiovascular journal Circulation
  • Active clinical practice focusing on general cardiology, hypertension, and heart failure.

Professor of Medicine and Molecular Biology, Chief of Cardiology UT Southwestern Medical Center

The ER, Poisons and Crime Scenes--Stories from the "Front Line" of Medicine

This presentation will include stories and pictures from the ER at Parkland--our nation's busiest emergency department and medicine's "front line." Then learn how my journey in emergency medicine led me to study medical toxicology at the North Texas Poison Center and how I then developed a forensic toxicology practice testifying in Federal drug crime cases involving the opioid epidemic and in murder mysteries.


SpeakerStacey Hail, MD

Stacey L. Hail, MD, FACMT is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. She currently serves as attending physician in the Parkland Hospital Emergency Department and the North Texas Poison Center. Dr. Hail received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Southern Methodist University in 1995. After receiving her Medical Degree at the Medical College of Georgia in 1999, she completed both her emergency medicine residency and medical toxicology fellowship at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Hail has a prolific forensic toxicology practice serving as an expert witness for attorneys throughout the United States. She has testified multiple times as a witness for the Department of Justice involving federal drug crimes due to the national opioid epidemic. Dr. Hail also has provided toxicology commentary for local and national news venues and for documentaries on the National Geographic channel, the BBC, and the Oxygen channel.

Associate Professor Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Why Would an Electrical Engineer Became a Business Sales Consultant? (and what he learned along the way!)

Join Tim for a fun and engaging session where he'll share technical (and life) lessons he has learned over the past 3 decades.

From his first electrical engineering job at Hewlett Packard to running his own sales consulting business, students will learn how Tim leveraged his technical education to create a career full of challenges, rewards, travel, and fun.


SpeakerTim Wackel

Tim Wackel is one of today’s most popular sales speakers who has mastered the ability to make information entertaining, memorable and easy to understand. He combines more than 30 years of successful sales leadership with specific client research to deliver high-impact programs that go beyond today’s best practices. Tim’s keynotes and workshops are insightful, engaging and focused on providing real-world success strategies that audiences can (and will) implement right away.

His success as a sales consultant is built upon a lifetime of accomplishments and first-hand experiences that include:

• Being recognized as the number one producer in a 10,000 person sales organization

• Helping lead a Silicon Valley startup through a successful IPO

• Directing a 50 million dollar sales organization for a Fortune 500 Company

Today Tim is hired by clients who want their managers and salespeople to succeed in business and in life. His list of clients includes organizations like Allstate, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Wells Fargo, Lexmark, Philips Medical Systems, Red Hat as well as many professional and trade associations.

Tim is the founder and president of The Wackel Group, a sales training and consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations find, win and keep customers for life. He earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Nebraska and currently lives in University Park where he and his wife raised their two children and are now enjoying more time on the golf course.

Technical Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker & Executive Presentation Coach The Wackel Group