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Automation and Driverless Cars

Dr. Poe will discuss how transportation engineers are using automation technology to design future cars and roads for the next generation of transportation.



  • Over 30 years experience in transportation engineering, including academic research and private consulting
  • Licensed professional engineer in Texas
  • Previously Adjunct Professor at University of Texas Arlington and Lecturer at Penn State University
  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University
  • M.E. and B.S. in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University

Civil Engineer, Asst Agency Director Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Engineers Make the World a Better Place

Engineering is a high-demand, high-paying career that needs people of diverse backgrounds to solve the world's most challenging problems.


SpeakerWanda Gass

  • Electrical Engineer with BS degree from Rice and MS degree from Duke
  • Semiconductor design of chips that are the brains of cell phones, entertainment systems and communication systems.
  • Worked at TI for 32 years and was elected as a Fellow, the highest level of Technical Staff
  • Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), an international professional organization, and responsible for organizing conferences and workshops.

President Design Connect Create

What is Cyber Threat intelligence?

This presentation will discuss what Cyber Threat Intelligence is and how it fits into the world of information security. I will discuss nation-state threat actors, hackers, and the insider threat, in relation to the types of cyber attacks they cause. As well as a discussion about malware, exfiltration, data theft, etc., and where CTI falls in the security incident response process. Also, there will be a discussion on the Deep and Dark Web, how it is different than open-source, and how we use it for CTI.


SpeakerSarah Sabotka, MS

*Background in investigations and worked for an animal protection agency doing so, prior to returning to graduate school *Earned my Master's Degree in Cybersecurity with dual concentrations, in Cyber Intelligence and Computer Forensics *Prior to coming to Experian, I worked for a large financial institution - my entire Cybersecurity career has been within the private sector, but am also part of the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Class of 2018. *Areas of interest include studies about nation-state threat actors, insider threats, and supply chain attacks

Cyber Threat Intelligence Team Lead Experian